Gospel-Driven Reading Recommendation: Owen’s Work on Justification & The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

“I think that Dr. Owen’s excellent book on Justification and Mr. Marshall’s book on the Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, by faith in Jesus Christ, are such vindications and confirmations of the Protestant doctrine as to admit of no effectual opposition. Dr. Owen’s name is so savoury and famous, his soundness in the faith and ability in learning for its defence so justly reputed, that no sober man will attempt to refute him. Mr. Marshall was a holy retired person and is only known to most of us by his book published lately. The book is a deep, practical, well-jointed discourse and requires a more than ordinary attention to read it with profit. And if it is honestly used I look upon it as one of the most useful books the world has seen for many years. Its excellency is that it leads the serious reader directly to Jesus Christ and cuts the sinews and overturns the foundation of the new divinity by the same argument of gospel-holiness by which many attempt to overturn the old. And as it already has the seal of high approbation by many judicious ministers and Christians that have read it, so I have no fear but that it will stand firm as a rock against all opposition and will prove good seed, and food, and light and life, to many hereafter.” Robert Traill, Justification Vindicated

I heartily concur with Traill’s commendation of Owen and Marshall. For sure, read Owen’s work on justification, vol. 5: Faith and Its Evidences or see this updated edition which contains an introductory essay by Carl Trueman.

For understanding how to rightly apply justification, I recommend that you read Walter Marshall’s book at least ten times (this is not hyperbole intended to emphasize this point, I really mean it!) before you read anything else.

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification


One Response to Gospel-Driven Reading Recommendation: Owen’s Work on Justification & The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

  1. cavman says:

    Marshall’s book is great stuff. Perhaps the reason the church is so shallow is that we just don’t spend time with books like that. Instead, fleshly moralism in the form of 7 steps rules the day. So much for the mystery of godliness (1 Tim 3); the earthly & heavenly ministry of Jesus.
    Thanks for recommending it.

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