Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“Wherefore, when any person, or persons, do feel themselves oppressed and terrified with the burden of their sins, and feel themselves with the majesty of the law and judgment of God terrified and oppressed, outweighed and thrown down into utter discomfort, almost to the pit of hell, as happens sometimes to God’s own dear servants, who have soft and timorous consciences; when such souls, I say, do read or hear any such place of Scripture which appertains to the law, let them then think and assure themselves that such places do not appertain or belong to them; nay, let not such only who are thus deeply humbled and terrified do this, but also let every one that does but make any doubt or question of their own salvation, through the sight and sense of their sin, do the like.

“…let them only set before their eyes the gospel…”

And to this end and purpose, let them consider and mark well the end why the law given, which was not to bring us to salvation, nor to make us good, and so to procure God’s love and favour towards us: but rather to declare and convict our wickedness, and make us feel the danger thereof; to this end and purpose, that we seeing our condemnation, and being in ourselves confounded, may be driven thereby to have our refuge in the Son of God, in whom alone is to be found our remedy. And when this is wrought in us, then the law has accomplished its end in us; and therefore it is now to give place unto Jesus Christ, who, as the apostle says, “is the end of the law,” Rom. x. 3. Let every true convicted person, then, who fears the wrath of God, death, and hell, when they hear or read any such places of Scripture as do appertain to the law, not think the same belong to them, no more than a mourning weed belongs to a marriage feast; and therefore removing utterly out of their minds all cogitations of the law, all fear of judgment and condemnation, let them only set before their eyes the gospel, viz. the glad and joyful tidings of Christ, the sweet comforts of God’s promises, free forgiveness of sins in Christ, grace, redemption, liberty, psalms, thanks, singing a paradise of spiritual jocundity (cheerful and lighthearted, pleasant- J.F.), and nothing else: thinking thus within themselves, the law hath now done its office in me, and therefore we must now give place to its better; that is, it must needs give place to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is my Lord and Master, the fulfiller and accomplisher of the law.”

Thomas Boston, The Marrow of Modern Divinity: The Difference Between the Law and the Gospel


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