Gospel-Driven Reading Recommendation: Christ the Lord

The Reformation and Lordship Salvation, Michael Horton, ed.

Regrettably, this book is out of print. But, there are used copies available on places like Amazon and Abebooks. This book is worth searching for. I highly recommend this book. I have read it several times and I constantly refer to it. For those who are searching for answers to the “Lordship debate,” look no further. This book answers the errors of both the non-Lordship and Lordship camp. It is Gospel-saturated and Christ-centered. In his opening essay, Michael Horton writes,

“The message of the Reformation has been a salve in the wounds of many, including this writer. I am not a Christian with great faith or with praiseworthy character, but a Christian who is confident that I share with every regenerate Christian “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Eph. 1:3). I am simultaneously sinful and justified, as I am simultaneously at peace with God because of Christ’s imputed righteousness, but at war wtih myself because of Christ’s imparted righteousness. I am not a “successful runner,” but I am “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of [my] faith (Heb. 12:2). I trust and obey Christ (however feebly), and I know that I will continue trusting and obeying until the day I die- not because I have appropriated Christ, but because He has appropriated me.”

“The message of the Reformation has been a salve in the wounds of many…”

I can only echo this confession. The message of the Reformation has also been a salve of healing grace for this writer as well. Having lived in complete despair for so many years under the weight and burden of Neonomian Lordship doctrine, the Gospel truth of the Reformation has been for me nothing less than what Francis Schaeffer wrote in 1971, “…when a man does learn the meaning of the work of Christ in the present life, a new door is open to him. And this new door then seems to be so wonderful that often it gives the Christian, as he begins to act upon the knowledge of faith, the sense of something that is as new as was his conversion.”

Christ is the answer to those living hypocritical lives, thinking they are living holy lives but have never really come to a true comprehension of biblical holiness and the exceeding broad demands of God’s law and to those who are living in despair because they have heard the call to holiness and have come to understand their inability to live up to the stringent demands of God’s law and thus given up.

Christ is the answer for the deluded hypocrite and the despairing pilgrim.

Christ is the answer to our guilt and and condemnation (justification) and He is the answer to our bondage and corruption (sanctification). He takes away both our verdict and our slavery!

The authors of this book are correct. The non-Lordship position is hardly, “Absolutely Free,” and the Lordship position (while far better) still needs to “dig deeper into the Scriptures and into our Reformation heritage…to discover a better explanation…”


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