Series on Justification

When you blow it every day as a Christian, how do you stay motivated to perservere and not throw up your hands and give into despair? Consider:

“On what basis, what ground, is one said to be “continued” in their state of justification? Again, the question here is of significance in our understanding of the faith – for daily it is of great use to us to know why and how we are “kept by God”; how it is that we cannot be “plucked from the Father’s hand” even to death and the Last Day.”

“When a believer sins, what is his recourse?”

“Since we sin each day, is this not our plea every day? Is this not, then, the ONLY WAY of our continuation in the state in which we live, having believed on Christ and trusted Him for satisfaction of all our guilt and sin?”

These are just a couple of excellent points from a great ongoing discussion of justification which is based on John Owen’s must read work on justification.

Justification-based assurance (i.e., being gospel-driven) is the only way one will be properly motivated to move forward in their daily battle with sin, flesh, the world and the devil. This is a great ongoing study that is worth a read.


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