Gospel Driven Quote of the Week

“What sort of foundation have we in Christ? Was he the beginning of our salvation in order that its fulfillment might follow from ourselves? Did he only open the way by which we might proceed under our own power? Certainly not.” (John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, III. XV.V.)


2 Responses to Gospel Driven Quote of the Week

  1. Mike Sears says:

    Don’t you think that the new revelations of Mother Theresa’s struggles with darkness and the lack of feeling/experiencing Christ in her heart and life near the end of her days reveals at least a sad misunderstanding of how the Gospel is the catalyst for living out our lives. Like you said in one of your posts. The law says do and live, while the Gospel says live, now do. I get the sense that she, along with many Catholics hold the “do and live” belief which is ultimately immpossible. Just a thought. Have a great weekend!! Mike

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