Dr. Horton to Appear on CBS’s 60 Minutes

60 Minutes

Dr. Horton is currently scheduled to appear on CBS’s 60 Minutes on Sunday, Oct 14th. The interview will focus on the teaching and ministry of popular televangelist Joel Osteen, author of Your Best Life Now. 60 Minutes airs on CBS Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT (check your local listings).

Be sure to pray for Dr. Horton, the 60 Minutes staff, the thousands of people who will tune in to watch and for Joel Osteen and his church. Perhaps this could be a defining gospel-turning point for many.


4 Responses to Dr. Horton to Appear on CBS’s 60 Minutes

  1. Rob Somers says:

    Indeed, we ought to pray. Specifically that they don’t edit out all of the useful things he might have to say. I remember a while back some TV station did a piece on Rick Warren (If I recall correctly) and John MacArthur was one of the guests answering questions. After everything was said and done, MacArthur came off looking very bad indeed – in fact, he ended up issuing an apology, and I believe he now has a policy of only doing live interviews, in order that they cannot misrepresent him again.

  2. Bill says:

    I hope that Horton’s critique will magnify less on Osteen and more on the gospel. I hate to see intramural fights displayed for all the world. But if the issues with Osteen magnify the gospel and make it clear, than it is worth it.

  3. Hi Bill,

    FWIW, this isn’t an “intramural” fight. For it to be such, both would have to be on the same side. Osteen isn’t! Mike is a gospel preacher. What is Joel? Is it the case that everyone who says “Lord Lord” is really Christ’s? I think Jesus says something about that.

    Further, this interview has given Mike many opportunities to talk with folk who don’t come into contact with actual sane Protestants. Many of those with whom he’s been speaking didn’t know that Osteen doesn’t actually represent historic Christianity. This has created some very interesting conversations.

    So, yes, the issues with Osteen are serving to magnify the gospel in unexpected ways.


  4. Hi Bill. I can say with certainty from personal private conversations, Dr. Horton’s 3 1/2 hour interview (as originally planned by the CBS crew, the interview was not scheduled to have been any where near that long) was a powerful and faithful witness for Christ and His gospel.

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