Give Men Time

Against Heresies has posted a brief and yet helpful reminder concerning the need to give men time to understand the Gospel. It is a great piece.

The longer I live and the longer I serve in ministry, the more I have come to see the profundity of this truth. It certainly took time (and still does!) for me to come to a greater understanding of the Gospel.

The fact is no one by nature understands or believes the Gospel. The Gospel is alien to man and counterintuitive to natural reason.

The Gospel is quickly forgotten, easily assumed and hard for reason to believe in its immeasurable good things, and unspeakable riches.

Thanks to Against Heresies for this pastoral wisdom and reminder.


2 Responses to Give Men Time

  1. Rick says:

    I wonder if it will take an eternity to ‘understand’ the Gospel. All Christians must be at some stage in understanding the Gospel (from a rudimentary understanding to a growing understanding). I don’t know that we’ll ever completely understand the Gospel, since it’s object and subject is eternal and inexhuastible – God. Thanks again for your thought provoking blog. Rick

  2. Hi Rick. You are right on! My rudimentary understanding is only a foretaste (if that much) of the inexpressible realities to come. Gospel blessings to you!

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