What is Worship?

White Horse Inn

Be sure to check out the White Horse Inn’s latest broadcast, What is Worship? It is terrific. The hosts continue their discussion of the final sola of the Reformation Soli Deo Gloria by examining the purpose and meaning of worship.

The issue is not whether a church has an organ or guitars. The issue is: Is your worship service about you serving the Lord (cf., Acts 17:25)? Or, is your worship service about the Lord serving you and then your responding in faith with an Amen to all that God has done for you in Christ (Guilt/Grace/Gratitude)?

“From of old no one has heard
or perceived by the ear,
no eye has seen a God besides you,
who acts for those who wait for him,” Isaiah 64:4


One Response to What is Worship?

  1. Brian P says:

    I love the White Horse Inn radio program… just curious why you don’t have it listed on your “Radio” sidebar?

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