Hinn, Hilliard Resign ORU Regents Posts

Benny Hinn and I.V. Hilliard recently resigned as ORU regents amidst the continued fall out at ORU stemming from three professors who filed lawsuits against Richard Roberts for misuse of university funds (some of the claims listed in the lawsuit include, shopping sprees, a stable of horses for his family, a Bahamas trip for his daughter and her friends aboard a university jet while the university was more than $50 million in debt).

The article goes on to point out that both Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn are among six televangelists currently being investigated by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to determine if the high-profile preachers violated their organizations’ tax-exempt status by living lavishly on the backs of small donors.

This is certainly not a story to rejoice over. Nor one to say, “Aha, I told you so.” This news story is tragic. The truth is, none of us are exempt from the love of money and the allurements of the world. The allurements of the world are ever calling forth with their false promises. We daily face the battle with the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life (1 John 2:16).

We must, as Paul exhorted Timothy, fight the good fight of faith (1 Tim. 6:12). But what is this fight? How do we obey, for example, 1 John 2:15, “Do not love the world nor the things in the world.” The way we fight, the way we obey 1 John 2:15 is through the Gospel.

The fight is to so preach the Gospel to ourselves that Christ becomes our treasure through the means of His Gospel. We must soak our minds deeply and often in the riches of the Gospel until our affections are enthralled with a greater delight. It is like walking out of a dark room immediately into the brilliant sunshine on a snow capped mountain. The intensity and brilliance of the light is so bright all other competing objects are displaced.

No other delight has the ability to draw our hearts away from the false allurements of and desire for money, fame, reputation, power, praise and prestige like the Gospel.

Thomas Chalmers’ famous sermon, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection, is the message that needs to be heard not only at ORU but for all of us (all the time). Chalmers, at the beginning of his message writes,

    “There are two ways in which a practical moralist may attempt to displace from the human heart its love of the world – either by a demonstration of the world’s vanity, so as that the heart shall be prevailed upon simply to withdraw its regards from an object that is not worthy of it; or, by setting forth another object, even God, as more worthy of its attachment, so as that the heart shall be prevailed upon not to resign an old affection, which shall have nothing to succeed it, but to exchange an old affection for a new one.”

The love of money is certainly the root of all sorts of evil (1 Tim. 6:10). But, the most important truth to recall is that Christ’s love for us as revealed in the Gospel is the root of all sorts of holiness.

Consider again carefully the words of Chalmers,

    Thus it is, that the freer the Gospel, the more sanctifying is the Gospel; and the more it is received as a doctrine of grace, the more will it be felt as a doctrine according to godliness.

    This is one of the secrets of the Christian life, that the more a man holds of God as a pensioner, the greater is the payment of service that he renders back again. On the tenure of “Do this and live,” a spirit of fearfulness is sure to enter; and the jealousies of a legal bargain chase away all confidence from the intercourse between God and man; and the creature striving to be square and even with his Creator, is, in fact, pursuing all the while his own selfishness, instead of God’s glory; and with all the conformities which he labours to accomplish, the soul of obedience is not there, the mind is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed under such an economy ever can be.

    Thus it is, that the freer the Gospel, the more sanctifying is the Gospel; and the more it is received as a doctrine of grace, the more will it be felt as a doctrine according to godliness.

    It is only when, as in the Gospel, acceptance is bestowed as a present, without money and without price, that the security which man feels in God is placed beyond the reach of disturbance – or, that he can repose in Him, as one friend reposes in another – or, that any liberal and generous understanding can be established betwixt them – the one party rejoicing over the other to do him good – the other finding that the truest gladness of his heart lies in the impulse of a gratitude, by which it is awakened to the charms of a new moral existence.


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