A Word of Exhortation

I recently received a comment for a ministry that I highlighted on this site. The commentator was anonymous and the comments were inappropriate. No anonymous comments will be posted on this site. Furthermore, if anyone has a personal problem with a ministry, ministry leader or organization, this blog is not the appropriate place or medium to make those concerns known.

The Bible has a plan and strategy for this found in passages like Matthew 18, 1 Corinthians 5, 2 Corinthians 2, 1 Timothy 5, etc… To publicly post, personal derogatory comments concerning fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and/or other ministries is ungodly and wrong. Doctrinal debates are good, necessary and helpful in clarifying truth. Personal attacks and slander/gossip is sin and will not be tolerated on this site.

The Biblical and loving thing to do is to go to your brother or sister in private, face to face in love and share your concerns and then offer to help him or her in a gracious and loving way. If this cannot be done, then one should pray and keep their comments and thoughts to themselves.


One Response to A Word of Exhortation

  1. Richard says:

    John, He is risen!
    Don’t know if you’ve heard that “Issues, etc.” has been cancelled by the Lutheran/Missouri Synod church hierarchy. Maybe you could encourage your readers to sign the petition to bring the program back–Kim Riddlebarger has the link on his web site.

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