Gospel-Driven Reading Recommendation: The Marrow Controversy

I recently received a long-awaited copy of David C. Lachman’s great work, The Marrow Controversy 1781-1723: An Historical and Theological Analysis (Rutherford Studies in Historical Theology).

Unfortunately, this book is very hard to find. I have been on several waiting lists for over a year. Thankfully, Martin, at James A. Dickson Books (Livingstone House, 16 Edward Street, Kilsyth G65 9DL; Tel: 01236 827978), was able to locate a copy.

Since this book is hard to locate, James A. Dickson Books may or may not be able to locate a copy. But, the book is worth getting on a waiting list until a copy can possibly be located.

Though The Marrow Controversy was an 18th Century Scottish ecclesiastical dispute, it is highly applicable and relevant to the current state of the contemporary Evangelical church. All who are concerned about getting the Gospel right, will greatly benefit from studying this historic theological controversy.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing insights from Dr. Lachman’s book. To get started, below is some helpful insight regarding assurance and saving faith taken from a sermon preached by Ebenezer Erskine (1725) entitled, “The Assurance of Faith, Opened and Applied.”

The doctrine set forth in this sermon is based upon Hebrews 10:22. In his sermon, Erskine seeks to demonstrate an assurance which lies in the very direct act of faith as one is presented with Christ, the object of faith, to whom the writer of Hebrews exhorts his hearers to draw near. Such focus and assurance is in opposition to one’s own reflections on the work of the Holy Spirit within (the reflex act of faith).

Erskine proclaimed,

    “It is the will of God, that they who approach to him in Christ, should draw near in full assurance of faith, or with a certain persuasion, and confident expectation of success and acceptance.”

Would that more believers in the church today come to understand this glorious truth and thus be turned away from an excessive, morbid introspection and a preoccupation with themselves and instead look outside of themselves to Christ, who is their life, assurance, righteousness, sanctification and redemption!


One Response to Gospel-Driven Reading Recommendation: The Marrow Controversy

  1. Dante Spencer says:

    I think you can buy copies from the author, or at least at one time you could. http://www.davidclachman.com/contactus.html I too wish this work had wider circulation.

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