Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“No sin is truly repented of, till it be pardoned; nor is the sinner ever melted so much into godly sorrow, as when he knows that his iniquities are forgiven. The faith of pardon melts the adamantine (hard, impenetrable-J.F.) heart, makes the head waters, and the eyes a fountain of tears.

“No sin is truly repented of, till it be pardoned…”

It is by viewing our sins, by an appropriating faith, as laid upon the Lamb of God, and Him as pierced for them, that we attain the lively exercise of evangelical repentance. The more our hearts are enabled to trust that the Lord Jesus ‘was wounded for our transgressions, and was bruised for our iniquities,’ the more will we abhor them, and turn from the love and practice of them.”

John Colquhoun, Evangelical Repentance, “The Priority of Justification to the First Exercise of True Repentance,” p. 108


One Response to Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

  1. Larry Kirk says:

    I took a D.min course co taught by Keller and Clowney in which they spoke of “repentance and rejoicing” as an alternative to the more common “repentance and faith”. They argument was that authentic repentance and faith is not complete until the rejoicing begins. In our modern culture people claim to be believing a lot of things that they only vaugely assent to and have not deeply trusted. So by saying to Christians, you need to repent and rejoice in the gospel. They were stressing the need for faith to trully believe so at to have an afffect on the heart. This post sort of reminded me of that.

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