Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“Jehovah’s mercy makes us fear and love him; ‘then shall they fear the Lord and his goodness,” says the prophet. If a man hath no faith of his goodness, no hope of his favor in Christ, where is his purity and holiness? Nay, it is he that hath this hope that purifies himself, as God is pure. I know not what experience you have, Sirs, but some of us know, that when our souls are most comforted and enlarged with the faith of God’s favour through Christ, and with the hope of his goodness, then we have most heart to the duties; and when through unbelief we have harsh thoughts of God as an angry judge, then we have not heart to duties and religious exercises. And I persuade myself this is the experience of the saints in all ages.”

John Brown of Whitburn, Gospel Truth, quoting Ralph Erskine, p. 76


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