Special Recording Offer from MLJ Recordings Trust

Memories of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Memories of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There is a special offer right now from the MLJ Recordings Trust entitled, Memories of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Here is the description:

The recordings in this collection have been specially chosen to provide an insight into the life of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, memories of the man behind the ministry, and the passion which drove him.

Starting with “Martyn Lloyd-Jones – the man and His books”, we have two fascinating talks by Sir Fred and Lady Elizabeth Catherwood. Given in Westminster Chapel the year after his death, at the request of the Evangelical Library, this is ‘the Doctor’ as seen by his eldest daughter and his son-in-law. Not only are we given an insight into the family man, a father and grandfather, but we also discover the wideness and depth of his reading, as Elizabeth Catherwood shares his love of books and details some of those he read.

More than anything ‘the Doctor’ was a preacher, possibly the finest of his generation, and this example, introduced movingly by Iain Murray, was given in Glasgow towards the end of his life – an elderly man now, dying with cancer, but with his passion for preaching the gospel of Christ undiminished. A great sermon, as powerful now as when it was given.

Finally, Dr Lloyd-Jones himself tells us the history of Westminster Chapel, and its pastors, the Church he pastored and loved for nearly 30 years. This was given in the Chapel in 1965 to celebrate the centenary of its opening.

The extra CD contains recollections of a day in the life of Westminister Chapel by Ray Gaydon, a Trustee of the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust, given during the 25th Anniversary Conference in 2006.

Includes catalogue Nos. EL.82-1 & EL.82-2, MLJ.5765, MLJ.5706, plus AC.06-12


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