Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“What gives effectual relief to the heavy laden soul of a sinner is, when, by the direction of divine sovereign grace, the word of the grace of God doth seasonably impress the mind with special light and power, so as to realise to it the unseen things of Christ, and of his gospel, with full and satisfying conviction of the truth thereof, and of the report of the gospel concerning the abounding grace of God, the sufficiency of Christ as a Saviour, mighty to save; as well as of the free offer and call of the gospel, as warranting him in particular to receive Christ, to apply the blood of sprinkling to his conscience, and to have peace thereby. By this light, and by the satisfying views of the love of God, as manifested in Jesus Christ, the heart is gained to God: and if a sense of guiltiness and condemnation in the conscience, and if the terrors of the law affecting it, do tend to put the soul to a distance, with alienation of heart from God; yet by the comfortable light, which the word and Spirit of God have diffused into the mind, it conceives such satisfying views of Christ and his redemption, as dispose and enable the sinner to have that faith in his blood by which he is justified, and comes under grace…”
(James Fraser of Alness, A Treatise on Sanctification: An Explication of Romans Chapters 6, 7 & 8:1-4, p. 442)


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