New Book Resources from

If you are working on building your theological library, has made available a new, helpful resource, Reformed (see also new Full Catalog of Books Listed Alphabetically by Author). Here is a description of Reformed

    “The purpose of is to provide the worldwide Reformed community with a recommended list of books which we believe deserve the distinction of being best in category. This is an ongoing project which will continue to be tweaked and improved over time. Our goal is to honor Christ by equipping Christians in the truth by pointing you to the finest classic and contemporary resources of historical Reformed orthodoxy. We do this prayerfully in the hope that the church will embrace, and recover a Christ-centered gospel and the true Biblical doctrines of the historic faith. Under each category you you will find 3-5 representative books of high quality that we believe most accurately displays the intent of the Scripture.”

One Response to New Book Resources from

  1. Blanche Lauver says:

    I wonder if the book “Freedom or Slavery” by Pat Brooks, Dale Crowley Jr., Des Griffin, and the late Haviv Schieber,…is still available for purchase? Thank You.


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