Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

The highest end of his mediation was to display the glory of the divine character in the strongest light, to afford to all intelligent creatures the brightest manifestation they are capable of receiving, of the manifold wisdom of God, his holiness, justice, truth, and love, the stability and excellence of his moral government, all mutually illustrating each other, as combined and shining forth in his person, and in his mediatorial work.

Much of the glory of God may be seen, by an enlightened eye, in creation, much in his providential rule and care over his creatures; but the brightness of his glory (John i. 18; Heb. i. 3) the express and full discovery of his perfections, can only be known by Jesus Christ, and the revelation which God has given of himself to the world by him.

And, accordingly, we are assured, that the angels, whose knowledge of the natural world is doubtless vastly superior to ours, desire to look into these things; and that the manifold wisdom of God is super-eminently made known to principalities and powers in heaven, by the dispensation of his grace to the church redeemed from the earth.”

(John Newton, “Voluntary Suffering,” Isaiah 50.6., Sermon XVIII in The Works of John Newton, vol. 4, pp. 212-213)


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