Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“Hereby (i.e., justification by Christ’s righteousness rather than through law-keeping- J.F.) a man may know in what an error they be, who, by reason of some great offence, despair of God’s good-will, imagining that he is not willing to forgive, cover, and pardon all sin, having already punished and chastised all our sins and iniquities in his only-begotten and dear-beloved Son, and consequently offered a general pardon to all mankind; which everybody enjoyeth that believeth the gospel, that is to say, which believeth the happy tidings that the apostles have published through the whole world, saying, “We beseech you for Jesus Christ’s sake, Be ye reconciled unto God; for he that never knew sin was made a sacrifice for our sin, that we might become righteous in him.”

Aonio Paleario, The Benefit of Christ’s Death, p. 26.

(Note: Aonio Paleario [1500-1570] was an Italian Reformer nearly forgotten from the time of the Reformation. While a teacher of Greek and Hebrew, Paleario came to embrace the doctrine of justification by Faith alone in Christ alone. He wrote The Benefit of Christ’s Death in order to bring the Good News of the Gospel to his fellow countrymen. His book quickly became famous and is said to have sold 40,000 copies in six years. Its popularity and influence soon caught the attention of the Roman Catholic Church Inquisition. Consequently, it was strictly prohibited and burned by the tens of thousands. Paleario was eventually burned at the stake for the Gospel teaching contained in his book. I heartily recommend this little work. It is is the Gospel soaked in the blood of the martyrs!)

The Benefit of Christ's Death


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