Gospel-Driven Poll


2 Responses to Gospel-Driven Poll

  1. joyfulfreedom1 says:

    Oh, this one you made too easy for us! Anyone with a reformation background nailed that one!

    I guess that since the other polls, made us think you decided to lighten up on us, and give us an easy one.

  2. Hi joyfulfreedom1. Glad you find the polls helpful. More importantly, I am glad you recognized the truth in this poll. Amazingly (Gal. 1:6) and regrettably, this foundational truth is often neglected and misunderstood, even among those raised with a Reformation background. Thus, we must never take it for granted.

    Consider the words of Ebenezer Erskine,

    “Indeed, the generality of men that are trained up in a Protestant country will tell you, that they do not expect to be justified by their own righteousness, but by the righteousness of Christ. But alas! how few are there that do really and actually submit unto this righteousness. There is a cursed bias in the heart of man to lean to something in himself.”

    We would do well to always recall to our minds, daily, that it is not on account of anything in us or done by us that justifies us before God. We are justified solely on the account of the life, death and resurrection of Christ alone. Gospel blessings!

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