New Gospel-Focused Blog

I have had the privilege over the past seven months of getting to know and disciple Matt Ayers. In just over half a year, Matt has become like a son to me. It has been an unspeakable joy and privilege to see the Holy Spirit awaken Matt to the gospel of Christ.

Matt has started a new blog (Gospelparamount) where he has begun to share some of his journey on how the Lord has been transforming “a recovering legalist” into a gospel-driven believer where the gospel/Christ is becoming “paramount.”

Here is how Matt describes his “gospel awakening”:

    “The Gospel has changed my life. I am a “recovering legalist” who has often viewed God as a judge that would put favor in my life based on how well I performed my “Christian duties.” The Gospel has made clear the false idea of “I obey, therefore i am accepted.” The glorious Gospel tells us that we “are accepted, and now can therefore obey.”

What a joy! May the Lord continue to awaken more people like Matt, who come to know the joyful sense of release from legal bondage as well as the unspeakable freedom of being adopted as a beloved son!


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