James DeYoung’s Review of The Shack

A few weeks ago I posted a brief article on William Young’s best-selling book, The Shack.

Dr. James DeYoung, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Western Seminary has written a very helpful review of Young’s book, Book Review: The Shack. It is a must read.

Here is a brief and important excerpt:

    “Who is the author? William P. Young, a man I have known for over a dozen years. About four years ago Paul embraced “Christian universalism,” and has defended this view on several occasions. While he frequently disavows “general universalism,” the idea that many roads lead to God, he has affirmed his hope that all will be reconciled to God either this side of death or after death.

    Christian universalism (also known as universal reconciliation) asserts that love is the supreme attribute of God that trumps all others. His love reaches beyond the grave to save all those who refuse Christ throughout their lifetimes. Even fallen angels, and the Devil himself, will one day repent, be delivered from hell enter heaven. There cannot be left in the universe any being whom the love of God does not conquer; hence the words, universal reconciliation. This view of future destinies claims many texts that seem to assert that the reconciliation Jesus accomplished on the cross extends to all creatures (Rom. 5:18; 2 Cor. 5:16-20; Col. 1:19-20), that all universally will confess him as Lord (Phil. 2:6-11), and that God’s desire that all be saved (1 Tim. 2:4) will be accomplished. Nothing can thwart God’s will and love.”


3 Responses to James DeYoung’s Review of The Shack

  1. Mike S says:

    Sounds nice, all warm and fuzzy like. I guess Jesus just lied when He described Hell and the consequences of unbelief… NOT!

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  3. impasse says:


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