Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“Christian faith is entirely extinguished, the promises of God and the whole gospel are completely destroyed, if we teach and believe that it is not for us to know the necessary foreknowledge of God and the necessity of the things that are to come to pass. For this is the one supreme consolation of Christians in all adversities, to know that God does not lie, but does all things immutably, and that his will can neither be resisted nor changed nor hindered.”

Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, 33:43


One Response to Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

  1. Doug Avent says:

    That should give comfort to all believers and especially those going through tough times. On the day that our country is celebrating Martin Luther King Day, it is great to hear a quote from the man (Martin Luther) who was largely responsible for him have the ability to read his own Bible. Blessings, Doug

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