Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“…the matter of justification is brittle: not of itself, for of itself it is most sure and certain, but in respect of us…the article of justification by faith in Christ alone, is very brittle, because we are brittle…

…we have against us one-half of ourselves: that is to say, the flesh, and all the powers thereof… The flesh resists the Spirit which cannot believe that all the promises of God are assuredly true. It fights against the spirit, as Paul says in chapter v. 17, of this letter…Wherefore let every faithful man labour and strive with all diligence to learn and to keep this doctrine: and to that end, let him use humble and hearty prayer, with continual study and meditation of the word. For we have to do with no small enemies, but strong and mighty, and such as are in continual war against us, namely our own flesh, all the dangers of the world, the law, sin, death, the wrath and judgment of God, and the devil himself, who never ceases to tempt us inwardly by his fiery darts, and outwardly by his false apostles, to the end that he may overthrow, if not all, yet the greater part of us.”

Martin Luther, Galatians, pp. 31-32


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