Gospel-Driven Quote of the Week

“Much of the legal spirit remains with those who are dead to the law. When may a person, even a believer, desire to be under the law? Answer, When, according to the legal temper in them, they incline to ground their acceptance with God upon their own duties and performances, instead of grounding it upon Christ’s obedience, and more upon grace within inherent, than upon the imputed righteousness of Christ; also when he is more influenced in obedience by the terrors of the law, and the curse thereof, than by the allurement of grace in the free promise; and when there is a looking to what is promised only in a conditional way, then there is a keeping up of the old covenant, which did run upon a conditional promise, Do so and so, and live. When they have been helped to duty, and forming thereof, and when their own performances, rather than by the rule of free grace and faithfulness of God, then is a man a legal believer with a witness, if a believer at all.”

Ralph Erskine in Gospel Truth, pp. 291-292


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