Church Planting in Sri Lanka

Ajith FernandoAjith Fernando has been the National Director of Youth for Christ in war-torn Sri Lanka since 1976. He recently spoke at The Gospel Coalition conference on the topic: Gospel-Faithful Mission in the New Christendom.

During his address, Ajith shared how church planters among unreached peoples in Sri Lanka can expect persecution for the first 5-10 years. I immediately thought to myself how many of us in the West, particularly in America, would be so readily enthusiastic to plant a church under these conditions.

Ajith and his people are not only enthusiastic but joyful (cf. Heb. 10:34). What a challenge for us in the West as well as a testimony to the power and sufficiency of the gospel.

Let us not forget or fail to pray for the church planting efforts in Sri Lanka.


2 Responses to Church Planting in Sri Lanka

  1. R. Thompson says:

    Mr. Fonnville,

    It’s so refreshing to have found your blog. The ministry of the gospel and world missions, two things we as believers should be most passionate about. I recently shared with a friend that the only thing more disheartening than knowing that their are people on the other side of the world that have no access to the gospel is knowing that a large percentage of “Christians” here in the U.S. have access but live out of a distorted/incomplete understanding of what the gospel really means.
    My first month in the 10/40 Window was spent in Sri Lanka. The Christians there have experienced suffering (and Christ) in ways that most of us will never enjoy.

    R. Thompson

  2. John, thanks for this link. I listened to the sermon and was reminded how the gift of suffering and persecution in Sri Lanka has helped the ministry of the Gospel there.

    Here are a few of quotes I liked from the talk:

    Robert Coleman, a mentor and teacher of Fernando’s, has said that “a hidden factor which church growth studies neglect: the role of suffering in the growth of the church.”

    “I did not come to win the debate. I came to open doors to the Gospel, and I believe God answered this prayer.”

    Samuel Rutherford said, “I would lay my dearest joys in the gap between you and Eternal Destruction.”

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